Photography Group ‘By the Water’ competition winners


Judges for the photography competition on the theme ‘By the Water’ struggled to decide between two very different prints for top prize. In the end, a decision was made to award a joint first prize to two pictures – ‘Filey Beach’ and ‘I Spy’ The judges were then astonished to discover that the photographer of both pictures was Nigel Gardner from the Peterborough branch. Hazel Arnold, a postal member, was awarded runner-up with ‘Just Cruising’  and there were six awards of Highly Commended to Christine Cole from Bury St Edmunds for her picture ‘Sunset Over The Marina’, Polly Draper from Bromley –‘All Tied Up’, Norma Garthwaite from Edinburgh –‘Fishing Boats’, Ruth Tyrrell from Norwich, ‘A Frosty Morning at the University Lake’ and Maureen Salmon from Cardiff –‘Guardian Anchor’ and ‘Can You See My Toy?’

Honourable Mentions were awarded to Hazel Arnold, a postal member –‘Ready for Take-Off’ Jill Evans from Cardiff -‘Shall I?’ and Peter Elkington also from Cardiff with ‘Low Tide’ and ‘Sunset Paseo’

Well done to all. Members can see how difficult their choices were by checking out some of the entries below

Filey Beach – joint winner


I Spy- joint winner


Just Cruising – Runner up


All tied up – Highly Commended


Sunset Over the Marina – Highly Commended


  Fishing Boats – Highly Commended


A Frosty Morning at the UEA Lake – Highly Commended


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